The map is done

Ok, I finished the map of the Northern Neck of Virginia, showing steamboat landings along the Potomac, Great Wicomico, and Rappahannock Rivers. This map is huge, coming in at 46 inches wide by 37 inches high. When I began the project, I thought I might want to go into the map making business. But after all this effort, I believe I could never turn out maps fast enough to make a profit, especially with the goal to produce custom, one-off maps.

This map is copy 1 of 1. I could print out more, but other than the Steamboat Era Museum in Irvington, Virginia, I don’t think there would be anywhere to sell this map in quantity. I’ll take it up to my Mom’s house on the Great Wicomico River and hang it on the wall in her living room. After all, it was my Dad’s project to begin with. He laid out some sketches over 24 years ago but died before he actually got it started. It’s finished now, so thanks Dad for the good ideas.

My wife thinks it is ugly. I think it is pretty neat. It is one-of-a-kind.

steamboat 1
The Northern Neck Steamboat map
steamboat 2
Closeup of the cartographic details
steamboat 3
Closeup of the mechanical details
steamboat 4
More mechanical details
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