Etchings for the Globe

America Sails The Seas, Copyright 1938
As I continue my globe research, I am getting closer to making some decisions about the time frame for the theme. There are several choices ranging from the time of Christopher Columbus, up through the age of the clipper ships. Anything outside of this time frame is, frankly, not relevant in capturing a picturesque and captivating sense of adventure for our planet. I want to pick a time in which I can show sailing ship routes as well as etching within some of the land masses which would depict the age of exploration, and possibly some early aspects of the industrial revolution.

I just came across the book titled America Sails the Seas, by Frank C. Bowman, copyright 1938. The nice thing about this book, besides the fact that it covers my desired time frame, is that it is profusely illustrated with many high quality etchings. This is perfect for a globe because I want illustrations that are composed of lines, so that I can scan the image into Adobe Illustrator, covert the lines to vectors, and normalize all the illustrations to have the same density and line weight and line style. That way, all the illustration, no matter where they come from, will appear as if they had been drawn specifically for one purpose.

Scenes of Exploration
There are over 170 high quality etchings in this book. They mostly cover the sea, which is good because 70% of the globe will be water. In addition, there are some nice etching of scenes dealing with exploration. These scenes have been hard to find during my research, but are very valuable to balance out the number of illustration I plan on having which deal with sailing ships and shipping routes.

I have run across many low quality sources for etching, mostly contained in recently published books. This older book will probably be the first of several sources of etchings for the globe, and this search will continue as I enter this most difficult and artistic phase of the project. At this point, I have concluded from experience that my search lies in books published before, say, 1940.

Curiously, I wonder, does this date have anything to do with the appearance of TV in our lives? I am sure this has something to do with the notable deterioration in the quality of illustrated publications during my lifetime. Sometimes TV and internet isn’t all its cracked up to be. Try doing an internet search on high quality etching some time. You will be not be impressed by what you find.

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